Seeking a smart contract writer and auditor:

Our smart contract writer will perform some aspects of technical due-diligence on our portfolio companies, write smart contract code that implements advanced token economics on both blockchain and non-blockchain systems, and support companies’ token generation events on both customer-facing as well as back-end areas.


Ideal Candidate should:

  • Be a self starter: Taking charge of your own work on a daily basis
  • Have domain expertise in languages like Solidity, Go,and Javascript
  • Have a working knowledge of Unix
  • Experience with management tools like Github, Slack, Jira
  • Be interested in or have experience with blockchains, finance, cryptography, or security
  • Pay attention to details and have a high standard for quality
  • Enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams in several time zones
  • Enjoy a fast moving environment with lots of opportunities to work on different projects concurrently.

Job Requirements:

  • College Graduate
  • Over 5 years programming experience in at-least three languages.